Wake Up
(a mindfulness studio)

......because mindfulness doesn't have to put you to sleep!

About Us

Why Wake Up?

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when we pay attention, on purpose, in the present moment. In our current society the vast majority of us live in a permanent state of stress and nervous system dysregulation. The cause of this is often that we do not know how to be present and aware in our lives. We spend our time lost in thought, pursuing or worrying about things in the future. To wake up means to be more present in our lives and as a result experience more nervous system regulation (balance). 

The Time Is Now

We are the first Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Studio in all of Southern, California! Join us for weekly Ashtanga yoga classes and mindfulness classes. Our classes are open to people at all levels of practice.

We also offer effective individual and couples mindfulness based counseling sessions. 

Living Mindfully

Wake Up Mindfulness Studio is dedicated to helping people live more mindfully. We want to create a secular community where people can gather who all have an interest in being more present in life. In a society where not many people are present, it can be challenging to practice mindfulness. We hope that this space is a place where people can come and feel supported in their intention to live more mindfully.  

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Wake Up (a mindfulness studio)

206 W Bonita, Claremont 91711 US

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Tuesday - Friday 

Saturday: Workshops and by appointment private sessions.

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