How Mindfulness Helps

Evidence based psychological research has shown that mindfulness is one of the most effective interventions for anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, chronic pain,  emotional instability, OCD, ADD and other psychological and physiological conditions.

Mindfulness helps us untangle emotional and psychological issues. As a result of doing this we can dissolve: depression, fatigue, panic, grief, anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, abandonment and betrayal, childhood trauma, headaches and migraines, addiction, low self esteem, chronic dissatisfaction, anger, fibromyalgia, ADD, OCD, PTSD, IBS and many other recurring health symptoms.

Normally a person who has encountered various life stressors and trauma has a nervous system that is always getting triggered.

Someone who is able to successfully navigate the ups and downs of life has a more balanced nervous system which looks more like a straight line.

Unfortunately, most of us have nervous systems which are dysregulated. We feel like we are in a continual state of threat, worry and/or defeat. As a result we live in either highly activated states (anxiety, anger and stress) or under active states (depression, defeat and sadness). 

So many (if not most) psychological and relationship issues are the result of these highly active or under active nervous system states. Mindfulness counseling, mindfulness meditation and yoga can be helpful to provide a person with more self awareness and insight about their behavior and life situation. 

We can reconcile various issues through talking about them. But without the ability to balance out a dysregulated nervous system, the way that we react to various stressors (anxiety, anger, depression, high stress, addiction)  will never change. Mindfulness is all about helping a person balance out their nervous system while gaining insights into various behaviors and issues.

 As a result individuals are able to radically change their behaviors and the ways that they think and perceive the world (for more info about this Google: Neuroplasticity). This change in behavior and perception facilitates immediate relief from various psychological and physiological issues that some people have been struggling with for a lifetime.